Stormfire Ring


Price (Item Level): 4,000 gp (8th)
Body Slot: Ring
Caster Level: 12th
Aura: Strong; (DC 21) evocation
Activation: Standard (mental)
This ring of faceted clear crystal contains a faint blue-white glow.
When you activate a stormfire ring, it creates a faerie fire effect of crackling lightning that lasts for 5 rounds. This effect functions as the spell, except that each creature affected takes 1d6 points of electricity damage each round for the duration. Using the ring on a creature that is already affected doesn’t increase the damage dealt, but it does extend the effect’s duration.
A stormfire ring functions five times per day.
A druid can activate this item even while in wild shape.

    Characters who have ranks in Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (nature), or who have the bardic knowledge ability, can research the raiment of the stormwalker to learn more about these items. When a character succeeds on a check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.
    DC 15: The first Stormwalker was a half-orc druid. Unwelcome in the societies of both parents, he learned to live in the wilderness. The seasons were his teachers, and the beasts his family. The half-orc brought the rains to wash away his father’s village and a lightning strike to consume his mother’s home. Then he took the storm as his symbol and came to be known as the Stormwalker. He crafted the first raiment of the stormwalker for himself, and since his death, the secrets of its creation and the title of Stormwalker have been passed on to others.
    DC 20: The first Stormwalker was killed by his half-sister in revenge for his deadly attack on their human mother’s home. She was killed out of vengeance as well, dying at the hands of the Stormwalker’s orc father, who desired the power of his son’s creations. The secrets of the raiment thus passed into the possession of both orcs and humans, and now druids of both races claim the Stormwalker title, crafting items with the same name.
    DC 25: An inescapable vortex of vengeance seems to follow those who wear the whole raiment. No curse can be detected on the items, but putting on the whole raiment and becoming one of the Stormwalkers always seems a harbinger of trouble to come. Old enemies return and the wearer soon finds that once-fast friends become foes.
    DC 30: A check result of 30 or higher reveals the location of another piece of the set. Use this to drive further adventure and direct the PCs toward some location or story you would like them to explore.
Raiment of the Stormwalker
    To wear the raiment of the stormwalker is to become the storm. With it, you can travel on the thunderclouds and strike at foes like lightning. Cloaked in clouds, booming like thunder, and crackling with electricity, you become a tempest.
    The raiment of the stormwalker works best in the hands of a monk, druid, or other character who enters melee but prefers not to wear armor. In particular, a druid should consider the items of this set, as its powers are available while in wild shape. However, a character of any class should consider collecting at least two pieces of the set to gain some of the raiment’s lesser collection benefits and the abilities of the desired items.

The Raiment of the Stormwalker collection is a set of items known to and used by Akira’s family. While she knows how to build each of the items, she lacks the skills to actually do so, and will need to pay for their creation in Sigil.

Stormfire Ring

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