Serrated Dragonfang Basket-Hilted Broadsword

weapon (melee)
Basket-hilted Backsword
    Damage: 1d6/1d4
    Critical Range: 18-20/x2
    Type: S or B
    This single-edged sword is around three feet in length, and the hilt features a hand guard often elegantly crafted that covers the top and front of the hand. Like a rapier, the guard protects the hand, but unlike a rapier’s guard, the basket hilt guard is heavy, making the weapon more suitable for slashing than thrusting. The heavy basket is a weapon in its own right. A successful attack roll with the weapon can also be resolved as a basket punch, inflicting bludgeoning damage.
Serrated Weapon
    A serrated weapon has its critical hit threat range increased by +1.
Dragonfang Weapon
    Dragonfang weapons are masterwork weapons crafted from the claws and teeth of a dragon. In additions to the +1 nonmagical enhancement bonus on attack rolls granted by its masterwork quality, a dragonfang weapon deals 1 point of energy damage on each successful hit. The type of energy is the same as that of the dragon’s breath weapon. If a dragon doesn’t have a breath weapon that deals acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage, dragonfang weapons made from its remains do not deal any extra damage. This damage is treated as an extraordinary (and thus nonmagical) feature of the weapon. It doesn’t stack with any other energy damage (of the same type) dealt by the weapon.
    A single tooth or claw from a dragon can be crafted into a light weapon of the same size category as the dragon, a one-handed weapon of one size category smaller, or a two-handed weapon of two size categories smaller. A single dragon’s body can provide enough material for up to twelve weapons
    Only piercing and slashing weapons may be created as dragonfang weapons.

Final Stats:

    Damage: 1d6+1 fire/1d4+1 fire
    Critical Range: 14-20/x2
    Type: S or B

I crafted these twin swords from the thighbones I collected from a huge, invisible red dragon which Kosh slayed with the Half of the High Table of Lord Elderscotch.

Serrated Dragonfang Basket-Hilted Broadsword

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