Goggles of the Golden Sun


Price (Item Level): 4,000 gp (8th)
Body Slot: Face
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint; (DC 17) evocation
Activation: — and standard (mental)
The reflective gold lenses of these goggles are gripped in thick midnight blue steel wrapped in leather.
While wearing goggles of the golden sun, you are immune to blindness and dazzling effects. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.
In addition, three times per day you can activate these goggles and sacrifice a prepared spell or spell slot of 3rd level or higher to use fireball (as the spell; Reflex DC 14 half), using your own caster level or that of the goggles, whichever is higher.
The fireball created by the gloves resembles a hurtling, exploding comet.


Raiment of the Four

The items of the raiment of the four are energized by the four cornerstones of the world: earth, sky, sea, and sun. When you don pieces of the four, you become more attuned with reality itself, even gaining a measure of control over it.
Individual items from the raiment are useful to any character, and the entire set is particularly useful for druids, rangers, and any other spellcasters who travel to difficult, dangerous places.


Characters who have ranks in Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (nature), or who have the bardic knowledge ability, can research the raiment of the four to learn more about these items. When a character succeeds on a check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.
DC 15: A charismatic druid named Alain made his home in the village of Ra’anan. The village was the target of various natural disasters—droughts, floods, tornados, and more. Alain was able to fend off many of these disasters because of his bond with nature. One night a vision came to him, instructing him in the methods to create a set of magic items tied to the earth, sky, sea, and sun. Following the instructions from his vision, Alain traveled to the four corners of the world to gather the necessary components for each item. Once constructed, the raiment of the four aided Alain in his exploits, which eventually expanded beyond the small village in which he was born. With the raiment he could travel safely through deadly areas of the world, and survive once there. Alain traveled the worlds for the rest of his days, never again returning to Ra’anan.
DC 20: Alain’s spirit is said to be drawn to pieces of the raiment. If all four pieces are brought together, Alain’s spirit can communicate with the wearer, imparting secrets of the multiverse.
DC 25: The orc shaman Grotarb the Sly once wore the raiment of the four, but only briefly. The orcs of Grotarb’s tribe heard strange cries in the night from the shaman’s private cavern. The next day, the orcs of the tribe found the drowned, burned, and partly dismembered body of their shaman, but no pieces of the raiment. It’s said to this day that Grotarb’s dark spirit is sometimes drawn to those who find two or more pieces of the raiment, hoping to visit upon them the same harm that the great spiritual force visited upon him.
DC 30: A check result of 30 or higher reveals the location of another piece of the set. Use this to drive further adventure and direct the PCs toward some location or story you would like them to explore.

Goggles of the Golden Sun

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